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Canada Wide Forecast - Nov 13, 2014

Canada Wide ForecastColin MacIntyreComment

A Nice frozen blanket of cold has settled over the Prairie Provinces, and by prairies we include beautiful Mountainous British Columbia? YUP they are on board to! Lots of Long Johns Needed from the Okanagan to the Manitoba Ontario border! East of that, the temp starts to hover EVER SO CLOSE to the freezing point, but not quite there yet. Up North, Yellowknife and Iqaluit are on board with Winter, whilst Whitehorse and Inuvik still believe it's September. Late to the party chums!

Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High                
Vancouver    NA            
Kamloops    1            
Prince George    1            
Edmonton    3            
Calgary    3            
Red Deer    3            
Fort McMurray    3            
Grande Prairie    3            
Lethbridge    3            
Saskatoon    3            
Regina    3            
Winnipeg    1            
Thunder Bay    1            
Sudbury    1            
Timmins    1            
Toronto    NA            
Kingston    NA            
Ottawa    NA            
Montreal    NA            
Quebec City    NA            
Halifax    NA            
Fredericton    NA            
Charlottetown    NA            
St. John's    NA            
Yellowknife    3            
Whitehorse    1            
Iqaluit    3            
Inuvik    1            
Alert, Top of Canada    4            

Canada Wide Forecast - November 10, 2014

Canada Wide ForecastColin MacIntyreComment

WELCOME to the 2014-2015 Winter Season Canada! it's exciting to be back and we have lots of fun stuff planned for this year! Big changes as we've re-build the website to be smartphone and tablet friendly ( apparently called 'RESPONSIVE') so GO AHEAD! Save it to your homescreen! 

More stuff to come in the following weeks, but for now, here is the Canada Wide Forecast for Nov 10, 2014


Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High

Vancouver NA
Kamloops NA
Prince George 1
Edmonton 3
Calgary 3
Red Deer 3
Fort McMurray 3
Grande Prairie 3
Lethbridge 1
Saskatoon 3
Regina 3
Winnipeg 1
Thunder Bay 1
Sudbury 1
Timmins 1
Toronto NA
Kingston NA
Ottawa NA
Montreal NA
Quebec City NA
Halifax NA
Fredericton NA
Charlottetown NA
St. John's NA
Yellowknife 3
Whitehorse 1
Iqaluit 1
Inuvik 3
Alert, Top of Canada 3