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Now Available - Long John Index T Shirts from TeeSpring

Colin MacIntyreComment

OKAY so its a bit warm out to enjoy your Long Johns ( or perhaps, your Long John Index Toque), but it's PERFECT to Enjoy a 'Long John Index ' T Shirt! 

The shirts are perfect for any social or business event, wedding ceremony ( looking at you, Wedding Party) as well as legal proceeding.

You can order yours in either Mens or Ladies sizes! Sorry nothing for your Dog/Cat/Moose/Horse just yet! JUST head on over to  TeeSpring  and check it out! The campaign Ends July 23rd! 


Colin MacIntyreComment

Well Buddies it's been another great winter season, but IT'S warm enough now that we have pack up and make way for those punks at the UV Index (who think they are so big, just cuz they are on sunblock bottles). 

As always, we don't shut down completely, and will keep an eye on things across the Dominion! 

We wanted to give a big thanks to a couple people, who made this year a bit extra special:

Gregg Beever - Super talented designer, who did the new 'Long John Index Info Graphic' ( which you can see here .  People loved it! Thanks Gregg

Sally Poulsen - Also super talented designer as well as genius code person, who did a lot of work on the Long John Index widget . You rock Sally! Thank yoooooou!

AND FINALLY, Thanks to you for all your tweets, shares, favorites and comments! Have a great spring and summer season, and we will see you next Winter!!