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You Could Win a Long John Index Toque!

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Behold the Long John Index Toque!We have good news, bad news, and then GREAT NEWS

The good news is; the 'Limited Edition' Long John Index Toques are here! They are Navy Blue (Bleu) with a white Long John Index logo on them. Very spiffy, and sure to keep your head warm on those brisk wintery days! 

Now the bad news:

We can't sell them. Not yet.

Well we could sell them, but we haven't quite got all the paper work together yet. If you thought it was tough dealing with the government, try dealing WITHIN the government! We have mountains of forms, applications, and hours of meetings with the Governor General to get through before we can actually sell one too you. We were hoping to have that done on October 17th, but then one of our wonderful interns dug up another box of forms (we've since banished that intern to the 'Needle in a Haystack Initiative' on Ellesmere Island), which has set us back a bit.

NOW the great news:

YOU Can WIN a toque!

Thats right; While we can't sell them yet, we do have permission to give one away! So we're having a contest/draw! Here is how it works;

Send us an email with your name, mailing address and tell us why YOU think you should be the first Canadian to get a Long John Index toque. We'll post the best responses on the blog, and then, Pick one at Random! We'll even mail the toque to you and everything!

Contest will be close October 27th, 2011 at Midnight! Good Luck!