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Canada Wide Forecast - Nov 12 2014

Canada Wide ForecastColin MacIntyreComment

Well you know it is chilly out west when they are break out the toques and mitts in Vancouvers or Kamloops ( or they are rushing out to the buy them). Poor Kamloops has a Long John Index of 3 today, which is awful as EVERYONE MOVED TO KAMLOOPS TO ESCAPE WINTER IN THE FIRST PLACE! Most places in Alberta with a long john index of 3, Ditto for Saskatchewan, though it will be kind of nice in Mantioba, and western Ontario! ONCE you get over the great lakes though, the winter comes to a grinding halt, which is kind of boring. Be more like Vancouver, Eastern Canada!

Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High                
Vancouver    NA            
Kamloops    1            
Prince George    1            
Edmonton    3            
Calgary    3            
Red Deer    3            
Fort McMurray    3            
Grande Prairie    3            
Lethbridge    3            
Saskatoon    3            
Regina    3            
Winnipeg    2            
Thunder Bay    1            
Sudbury    1            
Timmins    1            
Toronto    NA            
Kingston    NA            
Ottawa    NA            
Montreal    NA            
Quebec City    NA            
Halifax    NA            
Fredericton    NA            
Charlottetown    NA            
St. John's    NA            
Yellowknife    1            
Whitehorse    3            
Iqaluit    3            
Inuvik    1            
Alert, Top of Canada    4