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Canada Wide Forecast - Jan 7, 2014

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WELL 2014 has definatly come in like a lion; an ice breathing, snow mane, Frost Lion! Pretty Chilly across the Country ( except for Calgary), as much of Saskatchewan enjoys Saskatchewan Winter, and Ontario and Quebec ALSO enjoy Saskatchewan Winter. SO COLD in Toronto they done froze the Airport too! Meanwhile up north, it's actually not that bad, which is kind of wierd. But hey, at least it's not raining....erm...unless you live on the BC Coast, then, is. 

Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High
Vancouver NA      
Kamloops 1      
Prince George 1      
Edmonton 3      
Calgary 1      
Red Deer 1      
Fort McMurray 4      
Grande Prairie 3      
Lethbridge 1      
Saskatoon 4      
Regina 4      
Winnipeg 4      
Thunder Bay 4      
Sudbury 4      
Timmins 4      
Toronto 3      
Kingston 3      
Ottawa 3      
Montreal 3      
Quebec City 3      
Halifax 1      
Fredericton 2      
Charlottetown 1      
St. John's NA      
Yellowknife 4      
Whitehorse 1      
Iqaluit 2      
Inuvik 4      
Alert, Top of Canada 4