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Canada Wide Forecast - December 13, 2012

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Well some of the Dominion will be warm to day! Temperatures break a little in the North and in Alberta, as Cities gripped by Long John Indexes of 3, 4 and 5 get to dabble in 1 and 2 today! The Cold hasn't let up in Saskatchewan or Manitoba though, were the temperature will be steady all day! Out east, a little bit of cold in Quebec, and some sunshine and Long John weather in the Maritimes! All in all, not bad a day at all! 

Vancouver, Kamloops - NA
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer - 1
Fort McMurray - 3
Grande Prairie - NA
Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg - 3
Thunder Bay - 1
Timmins, Sudbury, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa - NA
Quebec City, Charlottetown, Sydney, St. Johns, Fredericton - 1
Iqaluit, Inuvik - 4
Whitehorse - 1
Yellowknife - 3
Alert, Top of Canada - 4

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