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Central Alberta and Saskatchewan Celebrate OctSnowberfest

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Busses were stranded in Lethbridge, Winter Tire Installers fainted from exhaustion in Kindersley, and Children in Calgary were left scrambling to wonder how they would fit their Avengers Halloween Costumes over snowpants, as a "Snownado" battered Central Alberta and Central Saskatchewan Tuesday.

The exact amount of snow that fell isn't known*, but local meterologists estimate the snowfall to be in the the '15-250,000 cm or something like that' range. The snow fall caused major traffic issues all across the western provinces, particularly in Biggar Saskatchewan, where slippery roads and slow moving traffic saw the daily commute time double, from 5 to almost 10, yes 10, minutes.

The snow is expected to continue for the next 24-48 hoursish, before it moves eastward, then dissappears, causing Torontonians to wonder what all the fuss was about anyway.

*Denotes the exact amount is probably known, but is probably listed on a more reputable news site