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Canada Wide Forecast - December 6, 2011

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You know its a wierd day for weather in Canada when it's colder in Kamloops than it is in Edmonton! Slightly warm day in the prairies until it PLUNGES into the cold for a couple days, but hark! Look! Its Chilly out east today too! Long John Index's for Quebec and allllmost for southern Ontario! Huzzah! The Cold settles into the north as well

Vancouver - NA
Kamlooped - 1
Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnerpeg - NA
Banff, Fort McMurray NFLD, Thunder (Danger) Bay, Sudbury, Montreal, Quebec City - 1
Toronto, Ottawa, Fredericton, Green Gables, Truro, Halifax, St. John's - NA
Iqaluit, Inuvik, Whitehorse - 3
Yellowknife - 2
Alert, Top of Canada - 4 

Canada Wide Forecast - November 23, 2011

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Winter is picking it's spots in the Dominion of Canada today, and those spots are in the North, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Quebec City, Quebec, Charlelottetown PEI and St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador! All those places will have a Long John Index of 1! POLAR BEAR ALERT for the Maritimes as well!

Vancouver, Kamlooped, Banff, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winterpeg, Thunder(Dangerbay), Sudbury, The Centre of the Universe (Toronto), Montreal, Truro, Halifax, Frdericton - NA
Grande Prairie, Quebec City, Charlottetown, St. John's - 1
Iqaluit, Inuvik - 4
Yellowknife, Whitehorse - 3
Alert, Top of Canada - 3