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Canada Wide Forecast - January 9, 2013

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Canada Wide Forecast - January 9, 2013

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Good Morning Bonjour Canada! Your Long John Index Forecast is coming up right after this morning workout #scampertoclosesttimmiesthe Long John Index
#longjohnindex in #yeg is a 1 this morning, and should be a 1 all day with a chance of a POLAR BEAR ALERT! First snow in forever! #daysthe Long John Index
#longjohnindex in Calgary is a 2 this morning, and will be an NA today. Enjoy it, as the temp is going to Plum-et tomorow! -16 for a high!the Long John Index
Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie with a #longjohnindex of 3 this morning. Fort Mac will be a 3, GP 1. POLAR BEAR ALERT for both!the Long John Index
Red Deer with a #longjohnindex of 2 this morning, but will just baaaarrely be a 1 today. Will be a little sunny too! #tropicalreddeerthe Long John Index
Prince George with a #longjohnindex of 1 this morning, and all day, with a POLAR BEAR ALERT all day as well! #guardyoursnacksthe Long John Index
Over in Watermelon Hat Country, Regina and Saskatoon with almost identical forecasts: #longjohnindex of 3 this morning, will warm to a 1!the Long John Index
Winnipeg with a #longjohnindex of 1 this morning, and all day, although, the temp will drop by ONE EARTH SHATTERING DEGREE #minus4to5the Long John Index
THE EAST: Going to be pretty fair East of Manitoba today. Thunder Bay and Sudbury will have a #longjohnindex of 1, but thats it for Ontario!the Long John Index
No #longjohnindex for Quebec Today, But St. John's, Charlottetown, Sydney and Fredericton will have be a 1!the Long John Index
THE NORTH: Iqaluit and Inuvik will have a #longjohnindex of 4 today, Whitehorse a 3, Yellowknife a 5!! Alert, Top of Canada, will be a 4.the Long John Index

Canada Wide Forecast - March 2, 2012

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Not altogether cold across the Dominion today, but WOW is it snowy! Polar Bear Alerts dotted all across the country. It won't stick in many places, as the temperature will be a bit too high, but hey snow is better than no snow!It will be kind of chilly across Saskathewan and Manitoba, AND the Far north ( still super cold in Inuvik) but not to cold otherwise.

Vancouver, Kamlooped, Edmonton, Calgary - NA
Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder (Danger) Bay - 1
Sudbury, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal - NA
Quebec City, Halifax, Fredericton, Charlottetown, Hubbards, St. John's - 1
Inuvik, Iqaluit - 4
Yellowknife - 3
Whitehorse - NA
Alert, Top of Canada - 5 

January 23, 2011 - Canada Wide Forecast

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No Long John Index between the Pacific and Winnipeg, yet very cold in Ontario. Expect your National News anchors to be slightly crankier today.

Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Smuts - NA
Winnipeg - 1
Thunder Bay - 3
Sudbury - 4
Wind-zor the Conqueror - 3
Toronto - 3
Ottawa - 4
Montreal - 4
Quebec City - 4
Moncton - 3
Halifax -2
Charlottetown - 3
St. John's - NA
Whitehorse - 1
Yellowknife - 4
Inuvik - 5
Iqaluit - 3
Alert, Top of Canada - 4

January 15, 2011 - Canada Wide Forecast

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If you live in Vancouver, don't talk to people in Winnipeg today.

Vancouver - NA
Kelowna - NA
Fort McMurray - 5
Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Biggar - 4
Winnipeg - 5
Churchill - 4
Thunder Bay - 3
Stratford, Peterborough - 2
Toronto, Sarnia - 1
Ottawa - 3
Montreal, Quebec City - 3
Halifax, Moncton, Charlottetown, St. Johns - 1
Whitehorse, Yellowknife - 5
Iqaluit - 3
Alert - 5