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Canada Wide Forecast and All Request Index - February 10, 2012

Long John IndexComment

The West is Frozen again! Some Cities actually woke up to Long John Index of 5 this morning! Mitten Applause to Sasktoon and Fort McMurray for braving the Minus 30. If that wasn't surprising enough, it will not only be freezing in Calgary, but they'll also have a Polar Bear Alert! The Cold keeps on trucking right through western ontario, than eases up as it hits the Maritimes. No Long John Index for much of Atlantic Canada. The North will be a weather Yo Yo too! As Cold as Long John Index 5 in Iqaluit, and as warm as a 1 for Whitehorse!


Vancouver, Kamlooped - NA
Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Red Deer - 3
Calgary - 2
Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder (Danger) Bay - 3
Sudbury - 1
Toronto - NA
Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Charlottetown - 1 
Fredericton, Halifax, St. John's - NA
Iqaluit - 5
Whitehorse, Inuvik  - 1
Yellowknife - 3
Alert, Top of Canada - 4

All Request Index! Thanks for your Submissions!

Hubbards, NS - NA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 1
Hanover, Germany - 1
Prague, Czech Republic - 1
Kiev, Ukraine - 3
Odessa, Ukraine - 2
Bucharest, Romania - 1
Belgrade, Serbia - 1
Berlin, Germany - 1