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Cold Nickels

Canada Wide Forecast - December 29, 2011

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Well at least it's Winter in Ontario! Much of Ontario and Quebec still in a nice little deep freeze! If it isn't a Long John Index of 3, in Ontario, then it's probably snowing! OR BOTH! Sure to keep Ontarians happy! Chilly in the Maritimes as well! Out west, It's freezing rain at the Home Office in Edmonton, which is good for absolutely nobody. Otherwise, Winter is taking a siesta in BC and Alberta, but at least it's Cold and Snowy in Saskatchewan. Cold up North too! Alert, Top of Canada will have a Long John Index of 5 today!

Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary - NA
Saskatoon, Regina, Jaw of Moose, Winnipeg, Thunder (Danger) Bay -  1
Sudbury - 3
Toronto, Windzor - NA
Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City - 3
Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, Green Gables - 1
St. John's - NA
Iqaluit, Inuvik - 4
Yellowknife - 3
Whitehorse - 1
Alert, Top of Canada - 5