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Cold East

Canada Wide Forecast - November 21, 2011

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Good News western canada! You survived a late week cold snap last week, and through the weekend, so it's going to get warmer, MUCH warmer for you! Bad News Eastern Canada, Its going to get colder, a WEE Colder for you this week! Today is like transition day as the west warms up, and the east cools down. Your Long Johns in Edmonton will work fine in Montreal today! Fairly even temperatures right across the country, Except for Inuvik, where the Long John Index is a 5!!

Your Canada Wide Forecast 

Vancouver, Calgary - NA
Kamlooped, Edmonton, Banff, Saskatoon, Regina, Jaw of Moose, Winnerpeg, Thunder (Danger) Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City - 1
Toronto, Fredericton, Halifax, Truro, Charlottetown, Green Gables, St. John's - NA
Iqaluit, Yellowknife - 3
Whitehorse- 4
Inuvik - 5
Alert, Top of Canada - 3