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Canada Wide Forecast - December 3, 2013

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Well it's still Blizzarding out in Alberta; though things have calmed down a bit in Edmonton. The southern part of the province is still super cold: Lethbridge has an active Blizzard warning, and who knows what happened to Red Deer! It's under 393 feet of snow! Meanwhile the cold continues on through to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, before wimping out as it reaches past Timmins. Halifax has a weather warning, but it's only for rain. How boring is that?

Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High

Vancouver NA
Kamloops 1
Prince George 3
Edmonton 3
Calgary 3
Red Deer 3
Fort McMurray 3
Grande Prairie 3
Lethbridge 3
Saskatoon 3
Regina 3
Winnipeg 2
Thunder Bay 1
Sudbury 1
Timmins 1
Toronto NA
Kingston NA
Ottawa NA
Montreal NA
Quebec City NA
Halifax NA
Fredericton NA
Charlottetown NA
St. John's NA
Yellowknife 3
Whitehorse 4
Iqaluit 4
Inuvik 3
Alert, Top of Canada 4