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Canada Wide Forecast - November 16, 2011

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Alberta prepares to plunge into an Arctic Front, or Back, or Something, mostly to keep Saskatchewan company, because it's already IN that Arctic blast! Meanwhile, NEAR the Artic, Inuvik reaches a Long John Index of 5, it's still Melty in Iqaluit, and Eastern Canada still hops around in +10 heat. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Your Canada Wide Forecast

Edmonton, Calgary, Banff - 1
Fort McMurray, NFLD - 3
Saskatoon - 3
Regina, Jaw of Moose - 2
Winterpeg - 1
Thunder (Danger) Bay, Windsor, Centre of the Universe (Toronto), Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Truro, Fredericton, Green Gables, St. John's - NA
Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Inuvik - 3
Iqaluit - 1
Alert, Top of Canada - 4