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Long John Index - Feb 26, 2016 - Thank You Merci Canada!

Canada Weather Map, Canada Wide ForecastColin MacIntyre2 Comments

Well Canada, it's pretty tough to make fun of winter when you've been starring out at Edmonton's gravel and dusty streets for the last few weeks. YOU WIN THIS ROUND EL NINO! We are shutting down a bit earlier than normal ( typically its either mid to late March), but WORRY NOT! The Long John Index never truly goes away, and should the temperature plummet, and Winter reveal it's frozen head ( April is going to be a doozy), you'll see the weather map again!

Big thanks to everyone for their tweets, Facebook messages, comments and emails, and for the patience while the Long John Index went through a couple mini re-vamps! The current format ( aka, the Long John Index Weather Map) is going to be the format for the foreseeable future.

I also want to give a big shout out to everyone who purchased a T Shirt, Hoodie or Long Sleeve Shirt! All the comments we've received so far is that EVERYONE LOVES THEM, and are super warm, which is awesome!

Mitten High Fives

Colin MacIntyre
Chief Intern/Creator
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