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New edition to Glossary of Canadian Terms: Winter Memory Deprivation

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Winter Memory Deprivation

Winter Memory Deprivation, is a condition wherein temperature drops, wind, snow and icey windshields cause short term memory loss amongst the general population, to the extent that when Winter conditions return the following year, they are genuinely surprised. Despite all scientific evidence that Winter has occurred in Canada on a fairly consistent basis for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, Winter Memory Deprivation causes Canadians to forget this fact, and typically express the following:

- Genuine surprise/dismay when the temperature begins to drop in September and October
- Actual Shock when it Snows in October/November
- Complete Flabbergastery when the temperature falls below Minus 20 degrees Celsius at any point between November and March
- Utter bewilderment when it snows in April.

To date, Winter Memory Deprivation has no treatment or remedy, other than posting memes or statements on social media.