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Long John Index Summary and Weather Map - Jan 6, 2016

Canada Wide Forecast, Canada Weather MapColin MacIntyreComment

Most of the country is a little warmer today then yesterday; many cities who were a Long John Index of 3 yesterday have shuffled off to a 2 or 1. Big Snowfall in Saskatchewan, where the population will be moving to snowforts, and commuting by Sled Dog. Elsewhere, Red Deer wants to be the coldest and Fredericton wants to have prairie weather!

Ratings observed at 6:15 MT/8:15 ET

Long John Index of 1  ( 0 to -9 C)  - Kamloops, Penticton, Banff, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Toronto, Kingston

Long John Index of 2 ( 0 to -9 C with -10C+ windchill) - Saskatoon, Regina, Sarnia, Kitchener, Montreal, Halifax, Charlottetown, St John’s

Long John Index of 3 ( -10 to - 19 C) - Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Jasper, Calgary, Lethbridge, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Fredericton, Yellowknife, Inuvik

Long John Index of 4 ( -20 to -29 C) - Whitehorse, Red Deer, Alert

Long John Index of 5 (-30 to Infinite) - Iqaluit

Free Passes (+1 and warmer) - Vancouver, Victoria