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2015 - 2016 Winter Season Preview

Canada NewsColin MacIntyreComment

Good News everybody! Winter is back!

Okay sure there isn't 20 feet of snow on the ground, and the temperature hasn't dropped 900 degrees ( at least, not the provinces), but we here at the Long John Index feel the temperatures are cold enough that we are declaring the 2015 - 2016 Winter Season officially open! 

Now there are reports that this winter will be somewhat mild  for most of Canada, but be that as it may, we still have a number of fun things planned, Including:

  • The Canada Weather Maps - They will start once the daytime highs hold steady around a Long John Index of 1
  • The Canada Wide Forecast-  This will be on the blog, as per tradition!
  • Snapchat - we are at longjohnindex on Snapchat! More snaps to come
  • Photo contests - You win a Long John Index Toque! Contest details to come!
  • Long John Index Guide to Winter - Our very own ebook! Currently progress. Release details to come.
  • The Long John Index (online) will be 6 years old in January 2016! 6 YEARS OLD! There will be cake!
  • More T Shirts and maybe Bunnyhugs?

As always, you can follow along on Twitter and Facebook, or send us an email! Here is to a great winter!