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Long John Index Summary - Dec 3 2014

Colin MacIntyreComment

A peculiar winter day across the Dominion! It's still freezing in Kamloops, which we are sure everyone is sick of! Kamloopians haven't been able to make the bragging 'Oh how this the weather back in Saskatchewan jokes' for WEEKS now! Into Alberta, its warmer in Edmonton than Calgary, which is very strange! Par for the course in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario! The Southern Ontario and Quebec will see some rain that MIGHT be freeezing so watch for sliding mooses, but it won't be super cold! On the Atlantic, its a reverse from yestersday: St. John's is freezing while everyone else is not! Up north: Yellowknife and Inuvik will have a Long John Index of 5 to start their day, whilst its STILL warming up in Alert! Only a Long John Index of 1, which rarely if ever happens!