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Long John Index Summary - Nov 27 2014

Canada Wide ForecastColin MacIntyreComment
                                                  Most of Canada by like, 3pm today.

                                                  Most of Canada by like, 3pm today.

ITS THE MARCH OF THE POLAR BEARS! Snow from one end of the Dominion to the other! Well at least through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Western Ontario and the Maritimes! Cold Temperatures throughout, and we are EVER SO close to the very popular, Long John Royal Flush!

Long John Index for Canada's majorish cities, based on day time highs, and other wizardry

Vancouver        NA
Kamloops        NA
Prince George       2 
Edmonton        3
Calgary        1
Red Deer        1
Fort McMurray        4
Grande Prairie        3
Lethbridge        1
Saskatoon        3
Regina        2
Winnipeg        3
Thunder Bay        3
Sudbury        2
Timmins        3
Toronto        NA
Kingston        1
Ottawa        1
Montreal        1
Quebec City        1
Halifax        NA
Fredericton        NA
Charlottetown        NA
St. John's        NA
Yellowknife        4
Whitehorse        3
Iqaluit        3
Inuvik        4
Alert, Top of Canada        4