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Canada Wide Forecast - Nov 19 2014

Canada Wide ForecastColin MacIntyreComment

A HEARTY shout out to our buddies in Buffalo, after they were ACTUALLY Buried by snow yesterday! We formally declare Buffalo to be the champion of the 2014 - 2015 winter season.

Meanwhile in the Dominion, it's actually a frosty one ALMOST from sea to sea, with a #longjohnindex of 1 stretching from the Rockies, Right through Quebec. Cities in the Maritimes actually woke up with a bit of cold today as well! Should be a snowy day in Canada too, though not to the extent that Buffalo got!  DARE TO DREAM!

 Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High                
Vancouver    NA            
Kamloops    NA            
Prince George    1            
Edmonton    1            
Calgary    1            
Red Deer    1            
Fort McMurray    2            
Grande Prairie    1            
Lethbridge    1            
Saskatoon    2            
Regina    2            
Winnipeg    1            
Thunder Bay    1            
Sudbury    1            
Timmins    1            
Toronto    1            
Kingston    1            
Ottawa    1            
Montreal    1            
Quebec City    1            
Halifax    NA            
Fredericton    NA            
Charlottetown    NA            
St. John's    NA            
Yellowknife    3            
Whitehorse    3            
Iqaluit    3            
Inuvik    1            
Alert, Top of Canada    5