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Canada Wide Forecast - Jan 14 2014

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WELL Much of the Dominion is going to get a reprieve from old man winter's ice grip this week! Many places from the Rockies to the Atlantic with melty temperatures! Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western/Nothern Ontario still bit with a bit of winter, but hey it's not a - 30, so it will feel like summer!!! Up north, a mix of SUPER COLD and SUPER WARM! 


Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities
  Morning Afternoon    
Vancouver NA NA    
Kamloops NA NA    
Prince George NA NA    
Edmonton 1 NA    
Calgary 1 NA    
Red Deer 1 NA    
Fort McMurray 3 1    
Grande Prairie 1 NA    
Lethbridge 3 NA    
Saskatoon 3 1    
Regina 3 3    
Winnipeg 3 3    
Thunder Bay 3 3    
Sudbury 1 1    
Timmins 3 3    
Toronto NA NA    
Kingston NA NA    
Ottawa NA NA    
Montreal NA NA    
Quebec City NA NA    
Halifax NA NA    
Fredericton NA NA    
Charlottetown NA NA    
St. John's NA NA    
Yellowknife 5 4    
Whitehorse 1 1    
Iqaluit 2 2    
Inuvik 5 4    
Alert, Top of Canada 4 4