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March Blizzard Special! All Request Index March 15, 2013

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Jasper Ave, Edmonton Alberta

Well Friends, sometimes, winter doesn't know when to quit! Alberta got hammered by a zillion feet of snow over the last couple days, the temperatures dropped, so we sounded the emergency intern recall beacon! The Long John Index is back for a bit! So in honour of this Snownado, we thought we would do a special MARCH ALL REQUEST INDEX! Big thanks to everyone for all the requests!

Long John Index based on project ( and mostly like incorrect) daytime high:

Thunder Bay, Ontario - 1
Coquitlam, British Columboa - NA
Maple Creek, Sasktchewan - 1
Biggar Saskatchewan - 3
Port Elgin Ontario - NA
La Broquerie, Manitoba - 3
Medicine Hat, Alberta - 1