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Canada Wide Forecast and All Request Index - March 1 2013

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Well Alberta gets a nice bath of summer temperatures, right before it SNOWS AGAIN on the weekend! It is very likely that Leduc Alberta is going to develop a pot hole so big it will engulf the whole town! Foggy and Misty in Saskatchewan this morning, so GOOD LUCK watching your Dog Run away for 3 days! Snow in Western and Northernish Ontario and in Quebec, but otherwise pretty fair temperature wise! Freezing Drizzle on the East Coast, which is fun for Nobody! Up North, Not to bad in Whitehorse and Yellowknife, but WOW is it Cold in Alert! -49 C, - 56 C with the Windchill!

Vancouver, Kamloops, Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray, Calgary, Red Deer - NA
Saskatoon, Regina, Winnpeg, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Sudbury - 1
Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, St. Johns - 1
Whitehorse - NA
Yellowknife - 1
Iquluit, Inuvik - 4
Alert, Top of Canada - 1,000,0000

ALL REQUEST INDEX - Not really cold , but thanks for the requests!

Medicine Hat AB - NA
Biggar SK - NA