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Hello Canada!

We've been receiving some entries for our "Win a Pair of Home Made Long John Index Mittens" Contest! First, here is a wee note from Jenny J, from Sudbury Ontario:

"my favorite part of winter is pompoms. like the kind you wear on your hat.

my mom made me a really kickass pompom hat for christmas. today, someone asked me if the reason I always wear a pompom hat is because I have a bald spot. I don’t. I just really like pompoms.
mom even made me a scarf to match my pompom hat. but I am still in the market for a pair of wonderfully warm wooly mitts."


BTW, when the Next Generation of Long John Index Toques are made, we are totally doing Pompoms! Have to sell out of these ones first though!

We've also recieved a picture, from Erin B. from Edmonton AB, who writes:

"I would like to enter the mitten contest, my favourite thing about winter is wearing sweaters :)"



Thanks to everyone who has entered to far! You can still enter the contest by sending us something creative ( picture, poem, essay, video) telling us what YOU love about Winter! Email your entries to keepwarm [at]