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Canada Wide Forecast - February 13, 2013

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Canada Wide Forecast - Feb 13, 2013

Storified by the Long John Index· Wed, Feb 13 2013 05:46:26

Good Morning Bonjour Canada! You Long John Index Forecast is coming up right after we find all our kites! Its a Windy Morning! weee!the Long John Index
#longjohnindex for the home office in Edmonton is an NA right now, but will be a 1 today With a POLAR BEAR ALERT! Hooray for Daytime Coolingthe Long John Index
Daytime cooling is ILLEGAL in Calgary, where there is no #longjohnindex this morning, OR all day. Sunny too!the Long John Index
#longjohnindex in Fort McMurray is a 2 this morning, and will drop to a 3 today, with a POLAR BEAR ALERT! Full Points Fort Mac!the Long John Index
Red Deer and Grande Prairie both a #longjohnindex of 1 this morning, and will be a 1 today, though a bit cooler and a lot windier in GP!the Long John Index
#longjohnindex in Prince George BC is a 1 this morning and will be 1 all day with a -1 #princegeorgeisnumber1the Long John Index
POLAR BEAR ALERTS in Sask, where you can see them run away for 3 days. Saskatoon and Regina both with a #longjohnindex of 1 now, and todaythe Long John Index
#longjohnindex in good ol Reliable Winnipeg is a 3 this morning , and will warm to a 1 today! #youcanalwayscountonwinnipegthe Long John Index
@XelaTWN yeah we don't get it #puzzledlooksthe Long John Index
Ontario n Quebec! Pretty mild for most! Only Sudbury and Quebec City will have a #longjohnindex of 1 today! #sadface #noonelikeswinterthe Long John Index
Atlantic: Halifax and Fredericton will have a #longjohnindex of NA, but Sydney Charlottetown and St. John's will be a 1! huzzah!the Long John Index
The North! Iqaluit and Inuvik will have a #longjohnindex of 4, Whitehorse a 2, Yellowknife a 3! Alert, Top of Canada, will be a 5!the Long John Index