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Canada Wide Forecast - CHRISTMAS EVE 2013

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Well it's not often that Ontario and Alberta swap weather, BUT IT IS HAPPENING today! Warm and Melty Temperatures from Grande Prairie to Lethbridge, whilst in Ontario, It's Cold and seemingly getting Colder from Thunder Bay to Ottawa. Still nice and reliably cold in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina, and that super ICE system that pummelled Ontario and Quebec is eeking its way across Newfoundland! Zoiks!


Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities: Based on Daytime High
Vancouver NA      
Kamloops 1      
Prince George NA      
Edmonton 1      
Calgary 1      
Red Deer 1      
Fort McMurray 3      
Grande Prairie 1      
Lethbridge 1      
Saskatoon 1      
Regina 1      
Winnipeg 3      
Thunder Bay 2      
Sudbury 3      
Timmins 3      
Toronto 1      
Kingston 3      
Ottawa 3      
Montreal 3      
Quebec City 3      
Halifax 1      
Fredericton 1      
Charlottetown 1      
St. John's 1      
Yellowknife 4      
Whitehorse 3      
Iqaluit 4      
Inuvik 4      
Alert, Top of Canada 4