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Poll: Canadians Support Moose in 'Moose-Shark' Conflict

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Original Photo courtesy @auraborealis199 , taken near Timmins, Ontario

With news this week that a Greenland Shark had attacked and almost choked on a piece of Newfoundland (and Labrador) Moose, many Canadians are wondering: is the Shark / Moose ceasefire over? Is War Imminent?

And more importantly, “Whats a Greenland Shark doing off the coast of Newfoundland eating Canadian Mooses? Do they not have Mooses in Greenland? Eat your own Mooses! You don’t see our Sharks coming over to Greenland and eating your Mooses!”

In anycase…

While many people are concerned, a completely unscientific poll of Canadians reveal that without question, in Shark vs Moose, Canada backs the Shark.


“I’m firmly in Moose Camp”, says @Erin_Bourne


“Would frankly put my money on a moose. Have almost been eaten by them repeatedly; never a shark. #notevensnowsharks” says @yegmapgie


“Perhaps the polar bears can mediate?” @pattimar13


Polar Bears could not be reached for comment. (Actually thats not true, they could be reached, but they were too busy drinking double doubles to comment.)


Whatever the future holds for Sharks and Moose, it’s clear that relations between the two species are at an all time low.