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Get to Know a Canadian Weather Nerd: Gina Ressler!

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One of the things we wanted to start doing this season was connect with some of our favorite Weather Nerds, and get to know them a bit better!  Every month, We'll post an interview with one of these cool people, and we wanted to start with Gina Ressler from the Weather Network! Gina has been one of the biggest boosters of the Long John Index on Twitter, has received multiple 'Mitten High Fives' and is generally awesome! We wanted to find out what makes her tick, whats it like to be a meteorologist, and how many pairs of Long Johns she owns! 


Long John Index: We gather that you work at the ol Weather Network, What do you do there?

Gina Ressler: A little bit of everything!  I mainly work with our TV and web team (briefing the on-camera presenters, creating graphics, and following active weather) but I also do some forecasting.   Occasionally, you can catch me on TV doing special interviews. 

LGI: How was it that you got to work at the ol Weather Network?

GR: I’m originally from Alberta, but I made the move out east to attend grad school in Montreal.  An internship at the CBC brought me to Toronto, and from there I landed a job at The Weather Network.  I've been here for almost three years and it's been a blast. 

LGI: Do they give you standard issue things, like toques, sunglasses, mittens and....oh....let say, Long Johns?

GR: We do have quite the collection of weather-related accessories here at The Weather Network, since we often send our reporters out into the field.  But I must admit, we are severely lacking in Long Johns!  Do you know anyone who could hook us up?  (hint hint)

LGI: Whats it like to work in a building FILLED with Weather Nerds?

GR: It’s amazing!  We have a wonderful and diverse team of meteorologists and weather nerds here.  You end up learning something new every day when you work with such a talented group. 

LGI: Why be A meteorologist? Why not, say, an Engineer? or Trumpet player?

GR: I didn't decide to become a meteorologist right away.  In fact, I got my degree in Math and Physics first, thinking I might go into teaching.   But during my undergrad, I decided to take an introductory Earth Sciences course to fulfill part of my core requirements.  I found it absolutely fascinating, and I realized that I could apply my background in Math and Physics to the study of the atmosphere.  So I decided to go to grad school and study Meteorology, and haven't looked back since.  (Plus, I have no natural ability on the trumpet, so that one's out.)

LGI: Is your weather nerdery limited to only work, or do you have your own weather station/army of weather balloons at home?

GR: I usually keep my weather nerdery limited to work, otherwise my friends and family's eyes start to glaze over.  But if I could launch my own weather balloons, I would!  

LGI: What advice would you give aspiring Meteorologists?

GR: Don’t neglect your math classes.  And be prepared to work weird hours.  And remember that working as a meteorologist can be challenging, but it's also incredibly rewarding.  

LGI: BONUS QUESTION: How many pairs of Long Johns do you own?

GR: Only one!  But luckily I don't need them too often in southern Ontario.


You can follow Gina on Twitter here