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Canada Wide Forecast - January 10, 2013

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Canada Wide Forecast - January 10,2013

Storified by the Long John Index· Thu, Jan 10 2013 06:26:25

Good Morning Bonjour Canada! Your Long John Index Forecast is coming up right after we hop in this weather rollercoaster. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeethe Long John Index
Temperature be droppin in #yeg! The #longjohnindex is a 3 right now, and will be a 3 all day, with a POLAR BEAR ALERT! Our High is our Low!the Long John Index
#longjohnindex in Calgary is a gusty 2 this morning, and will be a 3 today! WITH A Polar Bear Alert yet! Snow, Wind, Cold! Winter is Back!the Long John Index
Fort McMurray has a #longjohnindex of 4 this morning, and will be a 4 all day! Will warm up 6 degrees and be sunny! So its not all bad!the Long John Index
Grande Prairie and Red Deer have a #longjohnindex of 3 this morning. GP will be a 4 this afternoon, and RD will be a 3! POLAR BEAR ALERTS !the Long John Index
Prince George rocking a #longjohnindex of 4 this morning, and will warm to a 1?? WOW! Now thats a decent climb. Or Drop. Or, something.the Long John Index
Downright TROPICAL in Saskatchewan today! Saskatoon and Regina both with a #longjohnindex of 1 this morning and all day! How boring is that!the Long John Index
Whuts this? Only ZERO Degrees in Wnnipeg this morning! #longjohnindex is a 1, & will not budge from that temp all day. Patios better be openthe Long John Index
THE EAST! Not much doing for Long Johns east of Manitobaland. Timmins and Sudbury will have a #longjohnindex of 1, but only just!the Long John Index
No #longjohnindex in Toronto or Montreal, which makes them Winter Buddies! a 1 in Ottawa and Quebec City though!the Long John Index
No Need for Long Johns on the Atlantic but WOW look at all the POLAR BEAR ALERTS! Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown and St. Johns!the Long John Index
THE NORTH: Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Inuvik will have a #longjohnindex of 4 today! Whitehorse a 3! Alert, Top of Canada, will be a 4!the Long John Index