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Canada Wide Forecast - January 25, 2012

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Private Daniel Jacobs works on his snow sculpture in Alert, NunavutWell its warm and melty from Vancouver to Winnipeg today! Nothing on the Prairies is cold, save for pockets of breezyness in the mountains! A Bit chillier from Thunder (Danger) Bay to the Atlantic, but nothing too Cold. Heck, it's down right Balmy for most of Canada! MOST. Not so much up North! Whitehorse and Yellowknife aren't that bad with Long John Index's of 3, but Inuvik won't be warmer than a 5! Same goes with Alert, Top of Canada!

Speaking of ALERT, the Above photo is of Private Daniel Jacobs and his giganto snow sculputers. If he is building them when there is a Windchill of - 42 C in Alert, he gets 10,000 cool points. Big thanks to Lt. Christopher Daniels for submitting it!

Oh, and by the way Canada; we love getting pictures. Hint Hint.

Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg - NA
Thunder(Danger) Bay, Sudbury - 1
Toronto - NA
Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton, Charlottetown - 1
Halifax, St. John's - NA
Iqaluit - 4
Whitehorse, Yellowknife - 3
Inuvik - 5
Alert, Top of Canada - 5