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OUR PREDICTION: Winter Begins October 24th

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Canadians Commute to work in November


Ah fall. The Leaves are changing colours. Summer Wardrobes are being packed away. Christmas Whacko's finish wrapping their Christmas presents. And while the optomistic Canadian waxes poetically about the beauty of the fall colours, they keep a watchful on the temperature, knowing one day, ONE DAY, they will wake up and to a blindingly white lawn of snow.

We here at the Long John Index Service of Canada would like to take the worry, the anxiety. and the terror out of your morning weather checking, by telling you when Winter will start in all of Canada! Thats right! No more slowly peeling back the curtain, or sneaking a peak through the blinds, with your retina's dreading the bright blast of snowy streets!

Our highly trained, well educated staff and lowly incompetent interns have spent months analyzing data, studying weather patterns, launching weather balloons and scarring the heck out Alaskans. We've had our whole basement of the Pentium 386s running around the clock since Canada day, and WE would like to tell you that Winter will start, in Canada;


Go out and get your Long Johns ready! And enjoy the rest of Fall.

P.S. You're welcome.