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Off Season Workouts Part 45 - Yup, We're Sellin Toques

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Your Taxpayer Dollars at work.
After half a dozen months of research, development, focus groups, debate and non animal testing, the tall foreheads here at the Long John Index have decided to sell the only thing that get this economy moving: LONG JOHN INDEX TOQUES. We have a concept drawing of what they will look like. Big thanks to the R&D Department for spending 5 weeks and $7 Million Dollars to come up with that Gem.

The toques will be available later this fall. Correction; seeing as how Fall lasts only a week, they will be available in early winter (Octoberish). We are also told we will be working in conjunction with those knee socked warriors at the Canadian Postal Service to deliver them straight to your door/roof/igloo.

We'll have more details as they become available! Also, We'll be announcing the results of all our 'Off Season Research' next week!

Enjoy your fall everybody! Don't blink! You'll miss it!