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An Introduction to the Canada Wide Forecast - November 2, 2011

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Seeing as how some of you may brand new to the Long John Index, we thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to the Long John Index's MAIN FEATURE: The 'Canada Wide Forecast'. When Winter findly wraps it's icey fingers around the country (say, in aboot 2 weeks), our highly skilled team of scientists, researchers, coffee addicts are up allll hours of the night busy preparing a Long John Index for every major city in Canada, based upon their daytime high temperature. We do this ever weekday, and post/tweet/facebook the results between 6 am and 7am Mountain Time. Occasionaly you will get a 'Canada Wide Forecast' on a Saturday, but it depends if the Cartoons are any good that morning or not.

In anycase, we wanted to do an example for you, so here would be today's 'Canada Wide Forecast' of Long John Index's based on the daytime high temperature, for Wednesday November 2, 2011

Vancouver - NA (Not applicable - Meaning the daytime high will be warmer than 0 Degrees Celsius)
Kamlooped - NA
Prince George - NA
Edmonton - NA
Saddletown (Calgary) NA
Fort McMurray, Newfoundland and Labrador - NA
Saskatoon, Regina, Jaw of Moose - NA
Winterpeg/Winnerpeg - NA
Danger(Thunder) Bay - NA
Giant Nickel (Sudbury) - NA
Windzor the Conqueror (Windsor) - NA
Centre of the Universe (s) - NA
Kingtown (Kingston) - NA
Quebec City, Montreal - NA
Halifax, Fredericton, Green Gables, Charlottetown, St. John's - NA
Iqaluit, Whitehorses, Inuvik - 1
Alert, Top of Canada - 3 

Again, once it gets REALLY cold, we'll be posting a blog update like this every weekday! Stay Tuned and Keep warm!

- The Staff and Lowly Interns at the Long John Index Service of Canada