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Long John Index Toque Contest - Best of Entries Part Deux

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As the temperatures slooooowwwly dip, Canadians from Coast to Coast continue to try win a Long John Index toque! We should point out, that these are REAL EMAILS from REAL CANADIANS, and not just some schlep the interns made up! With that in mind, here are some of the best entries we received over the weekend: 

1. From Kari - Edmonton, Alberta





From Jay - Edmonton, Alberta

"The following is a list of reasons why I should be the first Canadian to model of Long John Index Toque:

1. I am Canadian
2. I have a balding head, and the (no doubt) warm Toque could save my scalp from frost bite. You wouldn't want me to get frost bite, would you?
3. I may or may not keep the toque on for several years in a row. No guarantees, but if the Toque looks better then my ginger hair and the Missus likes it, the Toque may never leave my head.
4. Did I mention I'm Canadian?"


YOU TOO could still win a Long John Index Toque! Send us an email at keepwarm[at], before October 27th and tell us why YOU deserve to win a Long John Index Toque! We'll be making the draw November 1rst!