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Long John Index Toque Contest - Best of Entries Part 1

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We've received some terrific entries from Canadians alllll across the Dominion, hoping to win a Long John Index Toque! We warned you all that we would post some of them, and we stand by our warning! Here are some of the entries we've received so far:


1. From Carol - Somewhere in Saskatchewan

"I'd love to win this toque as I NEED a toque any time I'm out in a cool wind. I think my cows would think this one to look very spiffy when I'm out there in the corrals checking/feeding them!!"

Yes. Yes you would Carol.


2. From Michelle - Edmonton, Alberta

"I would love an LJI toque so I can give it to my husband as a gift. It would really finish his favorite winter Fashion Ensemble. He LOVES his Long Johns and wears them ALL the time. His favorite indoor winter outfit consists of his Long Johns, a giant pair of wooly socks (made by his Grandma!), a pair of PJ pants he "hemmed" himself (he took a pair of scissors to them, while he was wearing them!) on top of the LJ's, a silly t-shirt and he tops it off with the ugliest, mangiest toque ever! So please help me make his head classy, at least!!"

We were almost ready to alert the Mounties on Michelle, as we were pretty sure that calling any Toque' Mangy' is tantamount to treason. We reconsidered however, seeing as how she was comparing a Long John Index toque to her husband's toque. Therefore we can conclude, that compared to a Long John Index Toque, all other toques have a degree of mangy-ness.


3. From Alex - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"I'm a scientist with the as-yet-to-be-created Royal Canadian Puffin Service royale des macareux du Canada. This means that, form May to August, I become one with the puffins. I live with them, and their friends kittiwakes (or as they are known in Newfoundland, "tickle-aces"), murres, gulls, storm-petrels, and more. On occasion I invite them over for dinner, and boy are they ever delicious. But I digress.

Living with puffins is cold work, and kerosene heaters and cuddling with other researchers doesn't always cut it. I've done this in New Brunswick (not too bad), Alaska (cold enough to freeze the chin off Mulroney), and Newfoundland (the puffins didn't like Smallwood, either). And where do I escape from these cold, wet islands of desolation to warm up? Saskatoon.

True, Saskatoon can be toasty in the summer, but the thing about puffins is that they tend to breed in the summer. Have you been outside in Saskatoon in the middle of January sans-toque and lived to tell the tale? I doubt it. The result: almost a full year of toque-wearing."

Actually some of us have been in outside in Saskatoon in mid January. Thats Long John Index of 5 territory! Yikes!

Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest so far! We'll post some other enteries on October the 24th! You can still enter the contest by Sending us an email with your name, mailing address and tell us why YOU think you should be the first Canadian to get a Long John Index toque.We'll post the best responses here, and will pick ONE lucky person at Random!

Contest will close October 27th! Thanks to everyone who entered! Keep those emails coming!